Humberto Tan: ‘My role in Holland’s Got Talent is similar to that of a flight attendant’ | NOW

For Humberto Tan, it was natural that he would say yes to presenting a second season of Holland’s Got Talent. Ali B is also very enthusiastic about his role as a jury member. In a conversation with, they tell more about the new season of the talent show.

“When you fly, you hope that you have nice contact with the flight attendant so that you can have a nice chat and be the first to get your drink. It also feels that way to me with the more than 130 candidates who pass by. You try to get them all attention. and as the competition progresses and fewer are left, that bond gets closer. “

It was no longer even a question for Tan whether he wanted to present the talent show again. “I took it for granted. I really enjoyed doing it last year and again this year.”

Dogs Got Talent

Ali B is also delighted to be part of the program. “You don’t know what you see, there is so much talent. I am of course known for The Voice in We Want More, that’s mainly vocals.

This is really something completely different. Now I have seen, for example, what a dog can do, I never knew, dude. It seems like Dogs Got Talent. Alles Got Talent, boy! “

Admissions were uncertain due to corona measures

Tan says it was uncertain until the last moment whether and how Holland’s Got Talent would be included because of the corona measures. Eventually the shows were recorded without an audience in the hall, but with an audience via video screens.

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For Tan, this new way of branding had advantages and disadvantages. “It is of course a shame that we do not have a hall full of cheering audiences, but as crazy as it may sound, I could be closer to the candidates this year. Last year they were in a separate room before they had to perform and now that was just one. short walk. So I could be closer to them at 1.5 meters of course. “

Ali B also feels as if the audience is really there. “The audience sits at 1.5 meters in a separate theater room, where cameras and microphones record everything. We have a large LED screen behind us on which they can be seen and to be honest, it really feels like they are in the same room. That technique is. unimaginable. The interaction is really one-on-one, there is no delay. “

‘Choosing is one thing hell of a choice’

And that audience is very useful, the jury member must admit. “To be fair, we do have an opinion, but we also often enough check whether it is correct.”

And that opinion is really listened to. “We pass on a preference and the audience passes on a preference, but the audience has the final say. That’s very nice, because I’m going to tell you, it’s a hell of a choice. You just don’t know what to choose! Leave this shitty job to the public. “

‘Being busy with viewing figures has never made me happy’

Ali B tries not to be concerned with the ratings. “It never made me happy. If they are good then I celebrate it and otherwise I don’t look at it.”

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In terms of viewing figures, Tan dares to expect little and to hope a lot. “Times have changed so much and television is no longer what it used to be. The market has become volatile (changeable, ed.). Based on the quality of the participants, I say that we should at least achieve the figures of last year, but certainly you don’t know. “

“I think people keep watching talent shows, because we like to see people with talent get a podium, even if it is only two minutes. A lot of people recognize themselves in it, because everyone wants a chance to show their talent. But that is. you also have to dare. Often the candidates have a special story and then you give it to someone in such a way that you really hope that they can sing or dance. When that hope comes true, it moves me “, says Tan.


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