Humberto Zurita publishes a photo that awakens passions


Humberto Zurita sparked the ilower feelings of his fans, posting a month after the death of Christian Bach.

On March 1 the news of the death of the popular actress Christian Bach was announced.

The interpreter's family shocked the nets with a statement about the unfortunate death.

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"By this means we want to share with you a great regret for this family. Christian Bach died on February 26th of this year because of a respiratory arrest", could be read in the first paragraph of the text.

And a month of mourning, Humberto Zurita, Christian Bach's husband announced the return of the "Queen of the South" series, where he participates.

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Through his Instagram account, the actor has published a photo of Epifanio Vargas, a character he plays in the popular series interpreted by the Mexican Kate del Castillo.

In the picture you can see the interpreter who is wearing a suit, a somewhat challenging look, his usual serious face, as well as hair and mustache.

Humberto Zurita wrote: "The return of" La Reina del Sur ". Coming soon."

The postcard has had more than 20 thousand "likes" in a short time and has warmed up the followers in the comments section.

"I admire you and you have always been and you will be my love", wrote one user, to the other replied: "Mine too. I love it."

However, others have criticized these messages: "What a disrespectful woman", "can not be the love of many because he is a married man, now a widower and in mourning".

However, others came in defense of the praise of the interpreter: "I see nothing disrespectful, it is affection and he too has always been the love of many (including myself)".


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