Hundreds of OpenAI employees threaten to resign and go to Microsoft after the signing of Sam Altman

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Hundreds of employees of OpenAI They threaten to leave the leading artificial intelligence (AI) company after the dismissal of the co-founder Sam AltmanMicrosoft’s brand new hire, and move to the latter if the board of directors does not resign.

According to reports, more than 500 workers out of a total of 770 OpenAI staff support the content of the letter, whose chatbot ChatGPT has led the rapid rise of AI.

Employees of the firm indicated on social networks that up to 90% of workers signed the petition.

“We have more unity, commitment and focus than ever. We are all going to work together in one way or another, and I am very excited,” Altman expressed on the social network Twitter. “The mission continues,” she added.

If the board of directors does not resign, employees maintain that they will go to Microsoft, a company that announced this Monday the hiring of Altman, after the OpenAI board removed him from his position as CEO on Friday.

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