Hundreds of people cry for covid insurance! mother died without money Call agent blocking the submission of the OIC (clip)

In the case of a Facebook fan page, Yarn – Zendai posted a message that there were many victims. insured for COVID-19 Then the company refused to pay according to the conditions. This year a lot of people are addicted. refusing to pay The lottery dealer is not yet… like this. yarn lawyer Ready to collect the victims and help claim. Who is ready to claim, fill it out.”


Recently, on October 11, 64, the Amarin TV news team reported that hundreds of victims Buying insurance for COVID-19 From a company, meet, pay, end, meeting together to travel to the Office of the Supervisory Board. Insurance business (OIC) Ratchada, Bangkok, together with lawyer Ratchapol Sirisakorn to submit a letter requesting the OIC to come and help.

by the victims who came today are both from in Bangkok and other provinces This type of insurance has begun to be available to insurance buyers since the outbreak of COVID-19. It is a type of insurance that meets and pays at the end. When the insurance purchaser complies with the conditions If infected with the COVID-19 virus Receive immediately according to the amount of insurance purchased


by this company Insurance will be paid according to the amount purchased as follows:

1. Price 99 baht, detect infection, pay 15,000 baht and die from accident 4,000 baht.

2. Price 199 baht, detect infection, pay 30,000 baht and die from accident 5,000 baht.

3. Price 299 baht, detect infection, pay 50,000 baht and die from accident 6,000 baht.

4. Price 499 baht, detect infection, pay 100,000 baht and die from accident 8,000 baht


There is also an audio clip of the representative of the said company. got a phone call asking to clear with a request that Do not travel to file a complaint at OIC or not? because now the company has been informed of the matter and is in the process of making an appointment to pay compensation to the injured But the victim responded and confirmed that will travel to submit a letter with a lawyer and the media Because in the past, the company sent a message to make an appointment to pay. And then postpone the appointment. Some people receive a message saying that the money has been transferred to the account. But when I went to the Czech Republic, I didn’t receive any compensation.


The Amarin TV news team also spoke with Ms. Lalita Duangmeesuk, 28, a representative who submitted documents to claim compensation for a mother who died from COVID-19, revealing that she traveled on this This is the second time to submit documents after the mother’s death. He had been insured with the said company for his mother since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the early ’64 and the mother died on August 9, 64 after her mother’s death. He has collected documents and submitted the case to the insurance company on 11 Aug. 64 and the insurance has told me to wait for payment within 15 days.


Then at the end of 15 days, the insurance company did not proceed to pay the compensation. Claims just that the company has postponed the payment of claims for 45 days, even after 45 days, he still hasn’t received the money. So he followed up with the insurance company until 60 days had passed and still had not received the money. Therefore, she had to come and file a request for assistance with the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), which today did not come to ask just one mother. but also brought the documents of the other 4 people at home who have insurance with the said company and have not received the money


However, he would like to thank the lawyers and the victims’ representatives who have made an appointment to apply for help from the OIC, admitting that so far, he has no confidence in the insurance company. and would like to provide insurance pay everyone because I believe that everyone is all suffering

Ms. Rungnapha Utaamat, 46, another victim who had traveled from Yasothon province, revealed that she had to travel today. Because the month is very hot from not receiving compensation which he had to lose his job because of being infected with Covid-19 due to long treatment until the company working for dismissal But the insurance company refused to pay. This amount is considered the hope of oneself and family. In order to continue to breathe after losing a job

By today, it’s been more than 2 months since I haven’t received the money. Therefore, he had to travel from Yasothon province because he heard the news that there would be a gathering to submit documents. Asking for help from the OIC for today is satisfied to a certain extent. that the OIC receives the matter and will follow up on the compensation But I hope that the insurance company will pay the money according to the conditions made during the insurance.


Mr. Chaiyut Mangsri, Assistant Secretary General of the OIC said that he thanked the victims’ representatives for bringing the list of claims against The company then did not receive the money and came here. which the OIC is happy to help In the case of a large number of victims complaining because people have suffered and may cause the operation to be instantaneous He has instructed the company to pay money quickly. and requires that the documents be inspected within 3 days. If the documents are correct, the payment must be made within 15 days.

In the case of receiving but still haven’t got that money Has instructed the company to check that the matter has been received and why it has not been paid. And in case of not making an appointment to pay, when will it be paid? must be clear to the victim and must provide accurate information to the victim He affirms that everyone who complains today must be clear. And if the documents are clear, they will have to receive compensation. The OIC will closely monitor this matter.


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