Hundreds of people protest against Sánchez in Malaga while he meets with Scholz

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A large group of Malaga residents (500, according to the National Police) have gathered in the vicinity of the Malaga Government Subdelegation to receive the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezwho met this afternoon with the chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz at the congress that the European Socialists are holding at the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of the Capital. They received him with a monumental whistle upon his arrival, which was followed by proclamations such as “Spain is not for sale.” The atmosphere has heated up for a few moments with the arrival of a group of ultras.

Sánchez has arrived amidst strong security measures. National Police agents have been deployed since early in the morning in the vicinity of the Subdelegation. The attendees, many of them waving Spanish flags, others with them around their necks, have chanted slogans in favor of the unity of Spain and against the amnesty, the escapee Carles Puigdemont and from Sánchez himself. Some “traitors” and the traditional “if you have balls, call elections” have also been heard.

Several Vox leaders participated in the rally, including the national deputy Patricia Rueda and the provincial president of the party, Antonio Sevilla. It should be remembered that this is the president’s first departure after the announcement of the controversial conditions of the pact that the PSOE has reached with the independentists of Junts Per Catalunya in exchange for their votes and those that, predictably, will allow Sanchez’s inauguration.

In Malaga, as in the rest of the province, the PSOE suffered a tremendous debacle in the last municipal elections and today does not govern in any town with more than 50,000 inhabitants. Throughout the week, rallies called through social networks have taken place at the doors of the PSOE headquarters in municipalities such as Estepona or Marbella, where the offices have remained closed since Monday.

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