Hundreds of people protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in favor of Palestine

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Hundreds of people demonstrated this Wednesday in favor of Palestine in front of the Israeli Embassy in Madrid, with strong criticism of the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu for his actions in Gaza.

This concentration, called through social networks, has been controlled by a strong police cordon, after the security forces were reinforced today security measures in ten embassies and diplomatic legations, including the Israeli one.

The protesters have mainly targeted that country with chants such as “Terrorist Israel”, “Israel murders”, “Europe sponsors” and “You Zionists are the terrorists”, but also to other States to demand measures: “Where are the sanctions on Israel, they cannot be seen?”

Dozens of Palestinian flags have flown in front of the Israeli Embassy, ​​at an event in which a manifesto written entirely in Arabic.

Phrases such as “They are not deaths, they are murders” in reference to the victims that have occurred since the beginning of the conflict and especially in the attack on the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

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