Hundreds of protesters march in Paris


Protesters march in Paris on January 14, 2020 against the pension reform. – Alain JOCARD / AFP

Several hundred people began to parade this Tuesday in Paris at the call of the CGT, FO, Solidaires and the FSU, on the 41st day of the
mobilization against the plan to reform pensions by points.

Three days after Edouard Philippe’s offer to compromise to withdraw, subject to conditions, the pivotal age of the project, the demonstrators marched behind a leading banner: “Retirement by points: all losers!” retirement at 60, all winners! Macron, withdraw your plan ”. They set off in a friendly atmosphere at Place de l’Ecole Militaire shortly before 2.30 p.m.

“We are especially waiting for Thursday”

“We want to go all the way, until we withdraw. We are still strongly on strike. At the SNCF, there is still a beautiful bazaar, with many trains canceled. The RATP friends are holding up, and there are other sectors that go on strike, there are GAs every day, “said Mathieu Bolle-Reddat, train driver of the RER C line, from the CGT-Cheminot.

“We are especially waiting for Thursday when the demonstration will be much more powerful and will support even more the friends who are in the process of engaging in blocking movements, particularly in the refineries,” explained Gabriel Gaudy, regional secretary of FO Ile. -of France.

Funding proposals in late April

He found it “quite amusing to read or hear here and there that the movement is running out of steam”. “It is enough to question the people who today in difficult conditions go to their work to realize that the movement is not weakening,” he said.

The government took a step this weekend towards the reformist unions, CFDT and Unsa, which called for the withdrawal of the establishment of a short-term pivotal age of the pension reform project. But he added to it the obligation for the social partners to find alternative solutions to balance the regime financially. The future funding conference will have to make its proposals by the end of April.

A compromise that the leader of the CGT Philippe Martinez rejected as a whole, saying however Tuesday “open to” a discussion on the balance of the pension system “, but not within the constrained framework proposed by the Prime Minister. (CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, FSU, Solidaires and youth organizations) called to march on January 16 for the sixth time since the conflict began on December 5.


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