Hungary against NATO decision. “It violates the unity of the Alliance”

Peter Szijjarto had a conversation with the secretary-general on Tuesday NATO Jens Stoltenberg, who decided to convene the NATO-Ukraine Commission at ministerial level on April 4, despite Hungarian objections.

Hungary opposes NATO’s decision. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs comments

– This decision violates the unity of NATO, but we cannot ignore the decision of the secretary general – said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He added, however, that the issue of protecting national minorities is to be discussed at the meeting.

“Hungary will not support any serious integration until the rights of the Hungarian national community in Ukraine are restored,” added Szijjarto, who is currently in Brussels for a meeting of EU ministers responsible for European affairs.

The chief of Hungarian diplomacy assessed that only countries that respect the rights of national communities can join NATO. – Unfortunately, this is not the case in today’s Ukraine. Of course, this is not a new situation, since 2015 the rights of national communities, including the Hungarian one, have been practically constantly limited, the politician argued.

In recent years, the government in Budapest has consistently blocked the convening of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at ministerial level. It was claimed that Ukraine does not respect the rights of the 150,000-strong Hungarian minority living in Transcarpathia.

Hungary will vote on Sweden and Finland in NATO

It is worth adding that Szijjarto’s words appear in the context of the planned enlargement of NATO to include other countries – Sweden and Finland. The only countries of the Alliance that have not yet voted on the new candidatures are Turkey and Hungary. The last ones to vote are until March 31.


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