Hungary rejects ex-ambassador for a luxury car from the civil service


Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto fired a diplomat from the service because he was driving an 'Aston Martin'. According to Hungarian media reports, he had bought the car, which cost more than 250,000 euros, but he had driven it with a diplomatic plate.

This was illegal because the car was assigned to the Hungarian embassy, ​​said the Hungarian Foreign Ministry. According to the Hungarian media, the diplomat is János Perényi, who had previously been sent as an ambassador to Vienna. His term as ambassador had already expired when he was seen on the luxury car.

On Monday, the Austrian boulevard portal "" had published a photo of the car reader, attracting attention to luxury cars with diplomatic license plates. "The car is not owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared to the Hungarian news portal "".

According to information from the Hungarian side "" the luxury car is admitted to Perényi, but it is also used by an Austrian business man. Who is this business man, however, is not clear.

Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, who is often accused of corruption, apparently wanted to give Perényi an example because he cast a bad light on the Hungarian government.

It was not until the end of September that Orbán was under pressure because he was traveling for football matches in the luxury jet of a friendly business man.


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