Huobi now allows you to buy Bitcoin with euros, pounds and Australian dollars

Key facts:
  • In total, Huobi accepts 34 fiat currencies to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • It can be paid with bank transfers and debit or credit cards.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Huobi recently added the option to deposit Euros, Australian dollars, and British pounds on your platform. Funds can be entered through bank transfers and debit or credit cards, among other means.

There are already 34 fiat currencies accepted by Huobi. These include the US dollar, the Brazilian real, and the Japanese yen.

The new additions were made possible through a partnership with Banxa, a company that offers a bridge between fiat money and cryptocurrencies internationally. This alliance, according to Ciara Sun, vice president of Global Markets of Huobi Group marks “a significant milestone in the global expansion” of the exchange.

Banxa representatives also spoke about the association. “Huobi is one of the first to offer some of the most innovative products and services in the industry,” explained founder Domenic Carcosa. He added that “as crypto assets become widespread and move towards mass adoption, regulation and transparency are key to building trust.”

How to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with fiat money on Huobi

To acquire bitcoin or other crypto assets and pay with fiat currencies, the user, previously registered on the Huobi exchange, you must click BUY CRYPTO, within the home page. There you are given the option to choose the crypto asset you want to acquire and the payment method (Visa or Mastercard).

A few minutes after making the payment, the crypto assets will be available within the platform. The purchase limit per transaction is $ 15,000 and the monthly limit is $ 60,000.

The user can withdraw the acquired crypto assets to their wallet, or keep them on the exchange and continue using Huobi services. One of them, called “savings plan”, whose launch was informed by CriptoNoticias, allows you to generate interest for keeping certain cryptocurrencies on deposit.

Huobi has ambitious growth plans

The growth plan of Huobi it is ambitious. “As we strengthen our global presence and expand into new markets, we will continue to add new fiat access ramps to provide all users with a frictionless entry experience,” explained Ciara Sun.

As an example, he set out one of the most recent objectives of the company: train 100 million households in different parts of the world to use cryptocurrencies. “We want to make sure that new users can get started faster, easier and safer”, He explained.

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