Hurricane Dalibor Janda celebrates 70: Death touched him several times!

While he suffered last year Dalibor Janda breathing problems caused by blocked vertebrae between his cervical and thoracic spine, in 2021 his condition was even more serious. He was urgently hospitalized in the coronary ward. “It was unexpected. On Sunday after lunch, I suddenly felt an unbearable pain in my chest, mostly in places below my neck. I’ve never experienced anything like it.” described the musician over time. Jiřina’s daughter Anna (34), who often performs with him, preferred to immediately call an ambulance, which took him to the hospital.

“On the way to the hospital I went to the other side twice, as they say. They had to push me, but the doctor successfully got me to the hall. There I woke up and felt a great pain. I saw that they cut my hand, but then I disappeared again… That was the third time. The doctors told me: ‘Mr. Janda, you have risen from the dead!'” Janda described the dramatic moments when the godmother Death reached out to him without any exaggeration.

Things did not look good with him at all, due to a heart attack, doctors had to operate on the singer’s heart twice. Fortunately, he soon got out of the worst – as it turned out, his heart as such was fine, but high cholesterol, the so-called silent killer, caused him a heart attack. Learned from this unhappy experience, he began to take better care of his body and fundamentally changed his lifestyle. He adjusted his diet, thanks to which he lost a lot of weight, and also started playing sports. And as he himself stated, he was even surprised by how much he enjoyed it.

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He now approaches life as such very humbly. “I realized that it is necessary to take life a little from another side. Not only how many concerts and songs I’ll do, because it’s only a matter of time, then you ask yourself, what’s the point…” Janda revealed to Bleska, who decided to set a limit on the number of concerts per month, but most importantly – not to switch, rest more and enjoy the time spent with those closest to you. “Life is not only about money, it is about other things. I’ll put it simply: Until you get slapped by life, you don’t accept it…”

Dalibor Janda in Honza Dědek’s 7 falls: Death touched him four times! FTV Receives

At the same time, cardiac collapse was not the only event when his life was at stake. A grenade exploded in the military barracks not far from him, a fragment of which injured an officer. Then he unwisely threw himself into the water in Cuba, even though a black flag was flying on the shore. “I thought what could happen. And suddenly I couldn’t get to the shore, I started going crazy and crazy. It blew me further and further, I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly I saw a world of red and pink, I disappeared, I did not perceive,” Janda recounted the moments when he already thought of the worst. Fortunately, he was rescued by a Cuban diver.

Even the trip back from Cuba was not without problems. “We were flying over the Bermuda Triangle where there was a huge storm, we dropped about a kilometer,” portrayed Janda in the show 7 falls of Honza Dędek chilling moments when he was undoubtedly thinking the worst. However, he managed to overcome everything and today, when the multiple winner of the Golden Nightingale survey, which he won in 1986, 1987 and 1988, looks back on his achievements, he certainly has nothing to regret.

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