Hurricane, stuck in phase 1

While from the Nation they mark the progress of the society towards the exit of the quarantine and the return to normality, in the Globe the differences between 10 players persist for the claim of the salary delay and its president Alejandro Nadur. After three weeks there was no progress and mistrust between the parties is total. Is there a return point?

After the new extension of the quarantine decreed by President Alberto Fernández, a distinction was made between AMBA and the rest of the country due to the doubling time that each group presented in recent weeks. While the City of Buenos Aires and the Conurbano will remain in the so-called phase 3 until it reaches 25 days for the transmission of the virus from one citizen to another (currently the number is 18.8), the other provinces have already advanced to the phase 4 and they approach the objective of the final stage, at the next level, considered as the new normal. In this way, the steps to be followed to overcome this crisis caused by COVID-19 at the national level were stipulated. Drawing a parallelism, Hurricane appears to be stagnant for three weeks in phase 1. The focus of conflict remains between 10 of its players, including the main leaders of the squad, and the leadership led by Alejandro Nadur and according to public statements by both this week. it seems difficult to imagine an immediate solution.

The claim by the footballers became notorious on April 21, through a statement made in conjunction with Members, in which they denounced “serious irregularities committed by the leaders of the institution and the absurd pretense of justifying them due to the effects of the pandemic that the country is suffering”. January had not been cleared yet, despite players having held checks since March to cash it. The club had asked them, when the quarantine was decreed, not to deposit them and wait for instructions. Until then, Hurricane was in order, within the maximum of 45 days that Superliga allows for payment of wages.

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The idea of ​​the leadership was to grant them advances of up to 200 thousand pesos to pay them the following months until the activities of the institution reopened. In this way, some payments were released, without the players being convinced by this methodology since, according to their understanding, they had to collect without any modification in January, February and March. Unhappy, they collectively decided to deposit the checks to get the January money. It was the trigger for the break between the parties.

Hurricane covered the funds of the players with a contract beyond June and rejected that of the 12 whose bond ends in the middle of the year (plus Antony Silva, with a contract for another season but with the desire of both to terminate). “What happened was to divide the group”, Captain Carlos Araujo analyzed at Sportia this Friday. The strategy had been recognized by Nadur in the letter that he sent individually to each of the players and that was later leaked in the media in late April: “I will defend the heritage of the Hurricane at any cost. In the event, I will not hesitate to shield the club’s assets, even if for this I must grant freedom of action to those who do not belong to the institution or not renew any of the contracts that expire on June 30. The margin of action on the part of the campus to claim, without the possibility of threatening not to show up to train, not to concentrate or directly not to play an official match, was even more restricted.

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In a second virtual meeting between the captains of all the Super League teams and the general secretary of the guild, Sergio Marchi, it was indicated that anyone who had problems collecting in these times should be notified of the club by letter document. Of the 13 players in a position to do so in Hurricane, because they had not charged January with April about to expire, 10 acted accordingly. They called for media silence in the meantime, waiting to know what the burning leadership would do. After almost a week, after two visits to the post without the letters being received at the Headquarters because it is closed, the notifications went to one of the post offices where now the club authorities have almost two more weeks to withdraw them before the deadline expires and the players can claim freedom of action demanding payment of the remainder of the debt, the remainder of the contract and double compensation.

The tension between the players and Nadur not only continues but increases. The distrust is total to the point that on Tuesday at Sportia the president indicated “I have wanted to communicate with them for 12 days, I have a WhatsApp group to be able to communicate with several of those players that make up that ‘small table’, but for a long time nobody has been attending me” and on the other hand this Friday in dialogue with Superfootball two of the referents, Mauro Bogado and Rodrigo Gómez, they denied it and accused Nadur of unilaterally cutting off the negotiations and that the last time they spoke to him was April 14. The situation reached the extreme point that it is not even clear when the last contact between the parties was. Near the end of the two months in isolation and without the certainty of when and how football will return, the conflict in these conditions does not benefit anyone, on the contrary, it adds more problems in an already quite complex context in itself.

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In the last hours, calls between the Globe leadership and representatives of the Guild members crossed. Despite the fact that the confrontation between Nadur and the lawyer of the union José Confalonieri is another factor to take into account, it seeks to establish a new dialogue table. Can the Hurricane world jump out of phase?


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