Husain Djojonegoro, Walks Rich from ‘Parents’ to ABC

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Nobody thought. That’s what we can possibly imagine from life Husain Djojonegoro.

How come? In his youth, the education of the man who was born in 1949 was quite messy and unclear, although he later managed to finish up to the high school level.

In the midst of that past, Husain actually grew into a successful figure. In fact, he is included in the ranks of the richest people in Indonesia.

In 2020, for example, Forbes ranked Husain Djojonegoro and his family as the 23 richest people in Indonesia with a total assets of US$1.32 billion.

If converted to an exchange rate of Rp. 14,243 per US dollar, the total wealth reached Rp. 18.8 trillion. The story of his success journey, he started when he was only 15 years old.

However, before treading the business to become successful as it is today, Husain actually came from a family of entrepreneurs.

Quoted from various sources, Husain’s father is Chandra Djojonegoro alias Chu Sam Yak. He is the pioneer of the traditional wine company Cap Orang Tua.

The brand that later became the forerunner of the birth of the Parents Group and ABC.

In the midst of her efforts in pioneering the venture, Chandra was confronted with her son’s behavior. Because of that, he then mobilized the man who also had the name Chu Kok Seng to work to become sales in a sandal factory.

Not only that, he also asked Husain to help sell the traditional wines produced by his company. Chandra’s efforts were successful.

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Within five years, Chandra believes his son has a high trading spirit. On that basis, he immediately put his trust in Husain by appointing him a director at PT International Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd, which he founded in 1959.

The company is engaged in the production of ABC branded batteries. Over time, Husain was able to bring the company to grow bigger.

In 1969, for example, the company succeeded in adding a second factory in Jakarta and in 1982, a third factory in Surabaya. Collectively, these factories have a total production capacity of 1.8 billion per year.

This is due to his brilliance. In the midst of competition with Eveready, National, Siaga and not many companies that advertise, at the beginning of his leadership, he implemented this strategy.

He aggressively advertises the ABC battery. His efforts made ABC’s battery sales performance brilliant.

In addition to advertising strategies, people’s lives at that time were still not touched by electricity, which also made the sales of ABC batteries run smoothly. Even though it only provides perfunctory information, ABC is able to dominate the Indonesian market.

Thanks to the ABC name which is easily recognized by the public and the three factories it owns, the company has managed to control 60 percent-70 percent of the national battery market share.

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