Husband and Wife in Padang Crying Lost IDR 1.1 Billion in an Instant After Clicking the Link on WA – One family in Parupuk Tabing, Koto Tangah District, Padang City, West Sumatra, lost Rp 1.1 billion in an instant. Allegedly, the money was lost because of the victim phishing.

The reason is, one family member had time to receive and click on the link or link sent via email WhatsApp. After that, Rp 1.1 billion was lost.

The case became public attention after the video of them reporting to the police went viral on social media.

As seen SuaraSumbar.idThursday (9/6/2022), the husband and wife seem to be reporting.

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“The 1M 114 million disappeared after receiving a message in the form of a link and following the instructions of the link. The money that was saved or left was only 14 million,” that’s the description of the video uploaded by a TikTok user.

“What’s the chronology, sir?” asked a man in the video.

The husband then replied, “I got WA, there was a change in the transaction, he said.”

“I was asked via WA, whether transactions are rare. Because if transactions are rare, 150 thousand per month will be deducted.”

“I said don’t cut it because I often make transactions…” said the husband but did not finish his words because he was crying.

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The same case had previously happened to a girl.

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