Husband fakes cancer to stop girlfriend from leaving | Remarkable

Bevis made up that he had terminal stomach cancer in order to manipulatively prevent his then girlfriend from putting him aside. For that he pulled out all the stops: the man pretended to have hospital appointments and then asked Karen Gregory to come along. She had to wait outside because Bevis did not want “she would see him like that.”

According to Metro UK, friends of the liar even organized a charity run to raise money for the seriously ill Bevis.


But his acting came to an abrupt end in December after three years. Bevis attacked his partner and strangled her. He was eventually jailed for 18 months for two assaults and his controlling and coercive behavior.

During the lawsuit, it was revealed that Ms. Gregory wanted to end the relationship several times in 2018. Bevis had asked her to swing, but she did not like this. When he finally told her he had cancer, she decided to stay with him anyway. “I picked him up from the hospital and he came out with all kinds of bandages. He also had stories about the nurses there, ”his ex revealed. “He had a box of medication with him that he would have to take all day.”

However, while cleaning up the shed, the woman discovered that she had been lied to for a long time. The ‘heavy medication’ turned out to consist of vitamins and supplements.

Prosecutor Ed Fowler also explained how Mrs. Gregory felt the pressure to fulfill Bevis’s desires. Moreover, because of his serious illness, he could not be left alone in her eyes. “She was so sorry for him. She started working more so that he could quit his job. In addition, she gave him a lot more attention and she had the impression that she should have sex with him more often. ”

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