Husband moved out after receiving penalty from Cho Doo-soon’s wife, who deceived the office worker landlord

Cho Doo-soon was released from prison after serving 12 years in prison for child sexual assault. Photo = News 1

It is known that ‘sex offender’ Jo Doo-soon ended up moving in Seonbu-dong.

According to residents of Ansan City and Seonbu-dong on the 24th, Cho Doo-soon received a deposit of 10 million won and a penalty of 1 million won from the landlord of a multi-family house in Seonbu-dong, who had originally intended to move, this afternoon.

Cho Doo-soon’s wife met with the landlord at the real estate office in Seonbu-dong that day, canceled the lease contract, and received 11 million won, including deposit and penalty.

It is known that the city of Ansan confirmed this fact through Cho Doo-soon’s probation officer and the residents of Seonbu-dong.

Accordingly, it was reported that Jo Doo-soon would end her plan to move to Seonbu-dong and stay at the house in Wa-dong where she currently lives for the time being.

Jo Doo-soon signed a lease with a multi-family house in Seonbu-dong on the 17th as the lease contract with the multi-family house in Wa-dong, where he lives now, expires on the 28th.

Jo Doo-soon’s wife deceived her by saying, “My husband is an office worker,” and paid a deposit of 10 million won at once and signed a two-year monthly rent contract.

The landlord, who belatedly learned that the new tenant to move in was Cho Doo-soon, went to Cho Doo-soon’s house and demanded that the contract be terminated.

Reporter Noh Jeong-dong, [email protected]

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