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The American Stephanie Herfel, 52, owes life to her Siberian husky dog ​​named Sierra. It was Sierra who discovered ovarian cancer in his mistress three times.

The first time happened in 2013. Sierra sniffed the mistress's stomach and began to show signs of anxiety, and then curled up in a corner of the bathroom.

"He put his nose on my lower abdomen and he smelled so hard that I felt I had spilled something on my clothes, and then he started sniffing this place the second and third time." After the third time, Sierra fled and hid! "The dog owner said.

Stephanie visited the doctor, was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Interestingly, before that, she referred to the gynecologist with a complaint of lower abdominal pain, but the doctor said she had only one cyst and prescribed painkillers for she.

After treatment, the cancer reoccurs twice and Sierra shows signs of anxiety each time, forcing the hostess to undergo a diagnosis. In the same way, the dog reacted to a friend of the landlady, who was later diagnosed with cancer.

The first report on the ability of dogs to find cancer was published in 1989, when the dog was anxious after sniffing the affected part of a woman's hip. After a medical examination, this woman was diagnosed with melanoma.

It is assumed that the cancer cells have a certain odor, but it is too weak and the human nose can not perceive it. Over the years, several experiments were conducted in which biological samples were placed in front of the dogs to see if they could select a malignant sample.

Encouraging results have been obtained under laboratory conditions, but some problems arise when dogs are trying to test their ability to detect cancer in real situations. When a dog sniffs and correctly identifies a sample containing cancer cells, he is rewarded with something to develop and reinforce the necessary skill. However, in the real world it is impossible to immediately discover if the dog has correctly identified cancer in a real patient.

There are cases in which dogs have found cancer in humans, but it must be understood that they are not machines and could be wrong.

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