Hwang Shin-young gives birth to triplets… “The children are scattered in an emergency”

Hwang Shin-young gives birth to triplets… “The children are scattered in an emergency”

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Hwang Shin-young “Nikyu shortage… Children transferred to other university hospitals”

Hwang Shin-young revealed her pregnancy and baby pictures. /Photo = Hwang Shin-young’s Instagram capture

[아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] Comedian Hwang Shin-young announced the birth of triplets.

On the 27th, Hwang Shin-young shared the video directly on his Instagram and said, “I gave birth. There is a little blood in my stomach right now, so I had a cesarean operation, and I was under sedation, so I couldn’t even see the children’s faces. This is the second video I’m uploading now. Lang, the third.” The video showed Hwang Shin-young’s children heading to the neonatal intensive care unit (NiQ).

He continued, “Because of Corona, visits to my children’s NiQ are limited, so I think I’ll have to show the photos of my babies properly after I recover a bit.” They all went away, so they’re scattered now,” he said.

In addition, Hwang Shin-young added, “Still, all of my triplets were born healthy and well, and I am also recovering, so I don’t think you need to worry.” He also said “thank you” to the fans who supported them.

Meanwhile, Hwang Shin-young, a graduate of the Dance Academy of Korea National University of Arts, made her debut as a comedian in the 28th KBS open recruitment in 2013. After that, she married a businessman 5 years older than her in 2017, and announced the pregnancy of triplets through artificial insemination in March.

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