Hwasa, new song ‘I’m a light’ tops China’s QQ Music daily chart

[스포츠서울 | 정하은기자]Mamamoo’s Hwasa is continuing its box office success in China, beyond Korea.

The title song ‘I’m a light’ of Hwasa’s second single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’, released on the 24th, topped the daily chart on the 25th of QQ Music, China’s largest music platform. occupied

‘FOMO’ and ‘Bless U’ included in the new album also ranked 3rd and 6th respectively on the same chart, proving Hwasa’s hot popularity in China.
Previously, Hwasa topped 5 charts in QQ Music with the title song ‘Maria’ of her previous work, and as the number of music playbacks exceeded 100 million, attention is also focused on the record set with ‘I’ma Light’ this time. .

The new song ‘I’m a Light’, written by Hwasa herself, features a trendy sound that spreads freely on a heavy bass line. The highly addictive hook and Hwasa’s signature groovy voice harmonize with a high degree of perfection.

It is comforting to my listeners with the message of Hwasa’s own courage that only when you let go of your desire to be perfect, you can become a light that swallows shadows.

With the new song ‘I’ma Light’, Hwasa has maintained the top spot on major domestic music charts until the 4th day of its release, showing off her powerful music power. The song also showed Hwasa’s global influence by entering the top 10 iTunes Top Song Charts in 19 countries and regions around the world, including No.

Following her solo debut songs ‘Twit’ and ‘Maria’, followed by ‘I’m a Light’, Hwasa succeeded in hitting three consecutive hits. He imprinted his presence as a solo artist.

Meanwhile, Hwasa is actively making a comeback with the new song ‘I’ma Light’.

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