Hyenas reveals new Sonic-inspired character

Creative Assembly’s latest game, Hyneas, is a PvPvE extraction shooter with lots of quirky characters and references to Sega’s past and present. One of those references is Hero-Ki, the latest character revealed for the game, who wears a Sonic cosplay in a base outfit.

Hero-Ki’s backstory marks him as a cosplayer with a large online following. In the game, he can use his disguise ability to appear as another character. It’s hard to tell if someone’s faking, but according to Creative Assembly, given time, you should be able to figure it out.

In addition to announcing Hero-Ki, Hyenas also revealed a new alpha playtest starting at 17:00 GMT today.you canhereSign up for the alpha version and give it a try if you’re interested.

Check out the hero base reveal trailer here:

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