Hymn: 15 minutes of play to discover a complete mission


Though hymn he will invite us to realize various and dynamic objectives in his open world, as well as the dungeons to explore, he will also propose a scened campaign with different missions. One of these has just been unveiled in its entirety by IGN.

His name is Lost arcanistand it takes about fifteen minutes, all the time gameplay to appreciate today. A team of three players is launched in action, consisting of Interceptor Javelin, colossus is storm The excuse is therefore ideal for seeing them in action and discovering their different special abilities and ways to deal with combat.

After identifying theArcanist Mathias Sumner, the small team will logically reveal to eliminate a group of enemies to get closer and help him. All in all, here we have a nice anticipation of what awaits us on February 22, or even in the coming weeks for those who try the demo VIP or public beta.

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