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Business Empresarial.- For several years now the HIM commemorates May 17 as the international internet day as part of the celebration of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. This tool has transformed our way of living, communicating and, in particular, enjoying leisure. Gaming is one of the sectors that has grown the most thanks to the advent of the internet, allowing players to connect with people from all over the world in real time and compete online.

HyperX, the team of gaming peripherals from HP Inc. and the leading brand in video games and esports, celebrates this day with some relevant data on how the internet contributes to the expansion and growth of gaming in all corners of the world so that more and more people are who can enjoy this entertainment.

According to the report Digital 2023: Global Overview Report published by DataReportal There are currently 5.16 billion Internet users, which represents 64.4% of the world population. According to the report, as of January 2023, gaming represented 30.5% of the top listed reasons why people between the ages of 16 and 64 access the internet. On the other hand, Internet sites classified in the games category represent 34.3% of the most visited sites on the web. Finally, of the video content seen on the internet, 26.2% corresponds to gaming.

Platforms preferred by Internet users

One piece of data that draws attention to the report is the percentages regarding the type of devices with which Internet users prefer to play globally, since while only 37.9% prefer to play games on a laptop or desktop computer and 25.3% prefer to do it on video game consoles, it is reported that 66.2% choose smartphones as their favorite platform.

most fanatical countries

The list is headed by the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Türkiye. However, the countries in LATAM are not far behind, such as Mexico in seventh place with 91.3% of internet users who practice gaming, Chile in 13th place with 87.6% and Colombia in 16th place with 84.8%.

Are men or women more gamers?

Actually, the numbers are pretty even between the different segments; For example, in the age range of 16 to 24 there is a presence of 87.3% female gamer Internet users vs. 89.7% of male gamer Internet users. In the range of 25 to 34 years of age there is 86.5% female participation vs. 88% male participation. The figures are similar for the rest of the age ranges.

most popular video games

The favorite video game genre varies slightly according to the different age ranges. However, there are some popular genres regardless of age such as shooters (such as Doom, Call Of Duty, and Destiny) that rank first for the 16-44 age group and second for the 45-64 age segment. . Another strong category is action-adventure games which is in second place in the younger categories.

Regarding the most played titles online and according to the ranking published by sportsmonkie the top 5 are occupied by video games like PUBG with a user base of more than 100 million, followed by Minecraft with more than 95 million and other popular names like Apex Legends and Fortnite with 50 million and 45 million users respectively.

There is no doubt about the impact and footprint of gaming on the internet. With a large community of users interconnected thanks to the internet and united by a passion for gaming, it is now easier than ever to make friends in other countries that, if it weren’t for the internet and video games, probably never would have happened. That’s why HyperX enthusiastically celebrates this World Internet Day and its contribution to entertainment.

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