HyperX Cloud Flight for PlayStation, a quality wireless alternative

One of the things I don’t like about the PlayStation 5 is that it does not have support for Bluetooth headphones or headsets. Even if you buy the headphones Sony Pulse 3Dyou still have to use a USB adapter.

Other brands also have options like the Cloud Flight Wireless de HyperXwhich we tested in NiusGeek. They’re worth it?

Design: comfort and options for the user

This headset is a special version for PlayStation and basically differs from the HyperX Cloud Flight “normal” due to the blue color of its cables and LED lighting.

They are quite comfortable to use, on the couch playing and even in the PC. Its pads are memory foam and covered in good synthetic leather.

They are easy to adjust thanks to their flexibility. The earcups rotate 90°, making it possible to comfortably wear them around your neck or put them on a hook on the wall. Yes, they are quite large.

The LED lighting it’s only blue PlayStation and you can regulate it in three modes: permanent, pulsations and off.

The volume control has an “infinite” turn, with an audible warning when reaching maximum volume.

Los HyperX Cloud Flight for PlayStation They have a detachable microphone. They also feature a 3.5mm input, though HyperX does not include such a cable.

The left ear cup also acts as a button, which allows you to mute the microphone.

What we do find in the box is a cable micro USB to charge the device. Yes… micro USB in 2022. Obviously, we would prefer USB-C connection.

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Experience with the HyperX Cloud Flight for PlayStation

The headset is not Bluetooth. It works under the 2.4 GHz band, so it requires you to connect the dongle included in the box. The dongle has a standard USB connection.

After connecting the dongle, the HyperX Cloud Flight para PlayStation immediately connect to the PlayStation 5. The same thing happens in the PC and even on cell phones if we use a dongle.

If you want you can also use them with a Mac. Of course, you will require a dongle and select them as your sound device.

Los HyperX Cloud Flight para PlayStation they have a versatile sound, but there is a detail in their design that can vary your experience.

Having long hair or wearing glasses does not allow a precise closure of the sound space, which will make the experience inconsistent, especially in the bass or when it comes to isolating sound.

The microphone included has a good performance for the gaming. It’s enough to effectively communicate with your teammates and it’s very good at controlling noise.

It is recommended to play with luces LED turned off, since this affects its autonomy, achieving up to 30 hours of continuous use. If you want to “shine”, you will have 13 hours.

Are HyperX Cloud Flight for PlayStation worth it?

It is a good compatible headset for PlayStationwhich can also be used with other devices.

The sound is fine, but it depends on how well the headphones fit you. The microphone removable it is also above average.

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There are no major complaints with this device. It does what it promises and a little more.

I would have to try the PULSE 3D of PlayStation to have a more complete reference, but this option of HyperX it’s good

Postdate: Despidanse del micro USB and include a cable to connect the headset to the control of the PlayStation in the next edition.

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