Hypocritical Rob Jetten (D66) overjoyed with the result of the referendum in San Marino: ‘Legal abortion is a step in the right direction’

Rob Jetten, former party leader of D66 and at the time one of the MPs who argued against the binding referendum, is suddenly very happy that another country has legalized abortion through a referendum.

It is of course nice and pleasant for every political party if other countries introduce legislation that is in line with their own ideas. But Rob Jetten performs again to expose why his own D66 is such a huichelachtige on opportunistic party.

Mr. says in a tweet that he is very happy with the fact that San Marino has finally legalized abortion. However, he ‘forgets’ to mention that this amendment to the law was brought about by means of a referendum!

This, of course, opens the doors for those eager to point out the party’s opportunism and intellectual emptiness. The reactions on Twitter are full of people who point out to Rob Jetten and D66 the value of a (corrective) referendum. Some also find it rather striking that D66 is happy with this victory for women’s rights, since they themselves want to abolish the concept of ‘woman’ and prefer to speak of ‘persons with a uterus‘.

At D66 they are therefore against a referendum if there is a chance that the outcome will be against them. But if the outcome fits within their framework, then it’s totally fine! They also talk a lot about women in their election programme, but as soon as they want to do a ‘woke’, they adapt the terminology to the target group they are trying to reach at that moment. Exactly the same strategy that an advertising and marketing agency would use. Well, that’s what the party is infused with.

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It would only be nice if types like Jetten would admit their own hypocrisy for once. Then the rest of the Netherlands will have less of the feeling that they are talking to a pre-programmed robot.

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