Hyundai is a step closer to the production of electric vehicles in Indonesia


Indonesia recently appears more often on the automotive news front as it appears that the electric vehicle industry will finally materialize in the country.

The media reports that Hyundai will start producing electric vehicles in Indonesia with government support. There are no official statements yet, but we know that the South Korean producer was interested in the project at least from 2018.

"Many local media in Indonesia report that Hyundai Motor will establish an electric vehicle (EV) factory in Indonesia."

Hyundai representatives have recently met with the president of Indonesia. The agreement should be signed in November.

"The executive vice president of Hyundai Motor Group (EVC), Euisun Chung, met with President Joko Widodo of the Republic of Indonesia to discuss cooperation opportunities. President Widodo mentioned the offer of full support when he enters the Indonesian market . "

The new electric vehicle factory could be built in Karawang, west of Java, in an investment of $ 1 billion.

Separately, the media reports that Hyundai is changing its Chongqing 5 China plant from ICE to electric vehicle production following the decline in conventional car sales. Together with plans for the production of electric vehicles in the Czech Republic in Europe, it seems a bold diversification move.



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