Hyundai is changing its strategy. Some cars will be sold under a new brand –

Hyundai introduces a new brand. He will use the name Ioniq for it, which was created by combining the English words “ion” (iont) and “unique” (unique). Under this brand, it will launch a number of electrified cars with a number – even numbers will be used for sedans, odd for SUVs.

The first model of the new brand will be the medium-sized crossover Ioniq 5, which is to be introduced at the beginning of next year. It is based on a concept electric car marked “45”, which premiered at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main.

The designers were inspired by the past and complemented the concept with modern stylistic elements, which are to characterize all future Ioniq models.

In 2022, Hyundai will introduce the Ioniq 6 sedan, derived from its latest concept car, the “Prophecy”, which it first showed in March. At the beginning of 2024, it will be the turn of the large Ioniq 7 SUV. Other models will follow.

“The common motive for the design of Ioniq vehicles will be timeless value. On the one hand, the vehicles will be inspired by past models, but at the same time they will be a bridge to the future,” says the carmaker.

“By creating the Ioniq brand, Hyundai is responding to rapidly growing market demand. It will also accelerate its goal of becoming a leader in the global electric vehicle market,” says the Korean manufacturer.

Ioniq electric cars will use the electric modular platform E-GMP, which enables fast charging and long range, while transforming the interior into a “smart living space”. “Passengers will find extensively adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and unique features such as a stowage compartment in front of the front passenger seat designed as a drawer. The platform’s paradigm change will also affect user interfaces that offer passengers easy, simple, intuitive and ergonomic operation,” he added. car manufacturer.

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For the first time, Hyundai has used the Ioniq label for its long-term research and development project focused on ecological mobility. This project resulted in the Ioniq model, which the Koreans introduced in 2016 as the first model in the world with a selection of three different electrified drives (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric car) for a single body type.

Ioniqy was later supplemented by the Kona EV model, which was the first mass-produced electric car in the Czech Republic to be assembled in Nošovice, Silesia, after modernization.

The Hyundai Motor Group recently announced a goal for 2025: to sell one million battery-powered electric cars, achieve a 10% market share, and become the leader in the global electric car market. The goal of the strategy is to be the third largest manufacturer of ecological vehicles in the world within five years. In addition to fuel cell electric cars, it intends to sell 560,000 battery-powered electric cars.

The launch of the Ioniq brand is accompanied by a spectacular campaign launched by the London Eye giant London Eye, which the carmaker transformed into a huge “Q” letter before the official reopening:


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