Hyundai Santa Fe Diesel feels mighty from Pajero Sport, Fortuner and Mu-X, what’s the secret?

Trybowo Laksono

Hyundai Santa Fe Diesel 2.2 Signature – Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 diesel engine feels more powerful than its rivals.

Santa Fe’s 2,200 cc 4-cylinder diesel engine feels more powerful because it can release 202 hp and 441 Nm of torque.

This is the most powerful diesel engine in the jungle of Indonesia’s Big SUV today.

The Santa Fe diesel engine is more powerful than the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar Ultimate, Toyota Fortuner VRZ and Isuzu Mu-X.

“The engine base is from Santa Fe diesel before the facelift, but the diesel engine in Santa Fe 2021 has undergone many improvements,” said Bonar Pakpahan, Product Expert of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia on the sidelines of the Safe Driving Day with New Santa Fe, in Sukabumi, Java. West (27/4).

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First is the material used. If previously cast iron, the current machine uses aluminum.

“This step makes the engine weight can be lighter by about 20 kg,” said Bonar.

PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia

Hyundai Santa Fe diesel engine with variable turbo and common-rail

Then the common rail pressure in the fuel system is increased. If previously 2,000 bars, the Santa Fe diesel engine has only increased to 2,200 bars.

Lastly is the reduction of friction that occurs in the internal engine. With less friction, the engine performance will be more optimal to exert its output.

Apart from the engine, the transmission sector is on Hyundai Santa Fe diesel new is also different.


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