I am a non-binary transgender, I do not want to be searched by a man – footage of the March detention of Ezra Miller has appeared

We already wrote that on the night of March 28-29, Ezra Miller, an actor known for his role as The Flash, was detained in Hawaii in a bar. Now, videos have appeared on the network made on the chest camera of one of the police officers who arrived at the call.

The video shows Ezra Miller walking out of a bar yelling “I was attacked for NFTs! Tell me your name and badge number!” tried to go somewhere. When he was finally detained, the actor said that in fact it was he who was the victim of the attack, and the man with whom he had a fight “called himself a Nazi.”

The search process can be seen next, during which Miller monotonously repeated his rights “not to be searched.” When the policeman began to check his pockets in his trousers, the actor could not stand it and said:

Hey! Did you just touch my penis? Please, do not do that! I am a non-binary transgender, I don’t want to be searched by a man!

At the end of the video, it can be seen that Miller had a Nerf plastic pistol with him.

A month after this incident, Miller was arrested again – for hitting a girl with a chair. And between these events, the actor managed to break into the house of a married couple and steal their personal belongings.

After all this became knownthat Warner Bros. is not going to break the contract with the actor.

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