“I am a person of the left”

Journalist Jose Antonio Neme (40) confessed this Tuesday morning to be “a person of the left” while, in the middle of the morning broadcast Pleasure (Mega), they talked about the migratory situation of Venezuelans in Chile.

His words came in the program that he animates with Diana Bolocco and Paulina de Allende-Salazar, where the Venezuelan correspondent journalist from NTN24, Luis Gonzalo Pérez, gave his vision about what happens in his native country.

“It is very difficult (to live in Venezuela). For those who live abroad, how much is the minimum wage in Chile? ”He asked himself, to which the study responded that it was around $ 500.

“The minimum wage in Venezuela does not reach three dollars”said the correspondent. “The Venezuelan minimum wage enough to buy a kilo of cheese. It is what it reaches ”, he added.

“People have to go to jobs that have nothing to do with their profession (…) in order to buy food and feed themselves,” he continued to complain.

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It was later, while Pérez continued to explain the complications in his country, that José Antonio Neme pointed out that “that’s why, when there are people who defend the regime and talk about how each country has to decide and talk about Venezuela being a democracy… yes Indeed, it is a democracy in its origin (…) but we know that the Judicial Power is intervened, there are prosecutors who have had to escape ”.

“To think that there is fascism here, or that there is an imperialist extreme right … To think that six million Venezuelans (…) have left Venezuela simply because of a fascist campaign, is to be a true idiotHe warned. “One can have different perspectives, but (to think that) six million people, practically all the people who live in Santiago, have escaped from that country only attracted by the Miami speech, it seems to me that it is being stupid” he added.

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“One can be from the left. I am a person of the left and I have no problem with admitting it. I have always voted for the center-left, but I am not a moron, “he closed.

Migration crisis

The conversation took place after the international controversy that has been produced by the arrival of hundreds of undocumented migrants to the north of the country, which during this Saturday generated an anti-immigration march.

In this context, a more radical group went to a small camp of Venezuelan migrants – who were not there – and their few belongings were burned in a barricade: tents, mattresses, bags, blankets, toys.

“What they did to us, that is not done to a human beingBecause we are all human beings, we are all children of God. They have to catch the people who are doing wrong, not those who are working, ”said an affected person to Radio Bío Bío.

Hours later, the facts already occupied a place in the main news of the world.

The UN, according to the AFP agency, expressed on Monday its “Concern about violence and xenophobia” towards immigrants in Chile after the protest against undocumented foreigners in the north of the country.


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