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New year … old life, at least for Gianinna Maradona. The daughter of 10 began 2022 with a tone similar to the one that went through its last seasons. Wrapped in scandals, problems, embarrassments and a lot of media noise. In this case not by Morla, or by enemies of his father, or by some ex-wife who comes out to tell old disagreements, but by the separation of Daniel Osvaldo in the middle of a problem that shook Miami and Argentina at the same time.

On the first of January there were already news: what should be a pleasure trip through the United States after attending the Maradona Cup in Arabia became the beginning of the end of the couple. The strongest (and confirmed) version says that Osvaldo could not with his genius and decided to go out at night with some friends he found there. Gianinna objected, the arguments began and then came the screaming.

According to what he told Guido Zaffora in It’s out there, the brunette told him “We are with the family, there are children, you are a public person, be careful how you come”, a phrase that apparently “annoyed” the former striker of the Italian soccer team. Osvaldo He went the same way to the “Ella” bowling alley, which is run by Argentines, and there he starred in the second chapter of the story.

First, he arrived in a convertible car, prompting a burst of euphoria among those who identified him. Almost like in a soccer field, a kind of “montonera” was put together that received him jumping and singing soccer songs. Once inside the bowling alley, there were more people near Osvaldo. They were no longer screaming boys, but girls who wanted to speak to him in a much more intimate tone. He saw someone take a picture of him, followed him to the bathroom and there they shot each other to death.

But that – believe it or not – was not the worst: then a series of photos appeared of him sooo sweet with a girl, Y Gianinna exploded. He deleted all the photos he had with him, unfollowed him and sent him to hell. The separation was consummated. Obviously, the media echoed the mess and gave him the coverage that the case required. There was long talk about the first big break of the summer.

Furious with the situation, Gianinna was downloaded on his social networks, where he usually manifests and expresses his different moods. With his dad in many background photos in different situations, he wrote “Me going through all the states when I read how insignificant I am for the media … “. Then he returned to using images of Diego to reflect that “When you found out about yourself on TV that you didn’t even know”, and finally put “When the one who became your friend is talking badly about you on TV. When you don’t give anymore, hahahahaha”. Very strong!

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