I am not afraid of Jablonec, reports Doležal from Lubin. Why didn’t he move to Slavia three years ago?

The icon of the North Bohemians was close to leaving Střelnice three years ago, when Slavia wanted him just before the start of the league. However, the owner of Jablonec, Miroslav Pelta, then stopped his transfer to the reigning champions.

Do you not regret now that the transfer in February 2019 did not work out?

It is true that he was close, but the interest came just before the start of the league and at that time I was successful and Mr. Pelta did not want to let me go, which I accepted and understood. And that it didn’t work out? That is simply destiny. I didn’t deal with it that much at the time. Of course I would like to, but I was in Jablonec under a contract, so I couldn’t do anything extra about it. I took it for granted that I stayed and could help the club to a better location.

Now, after eight years, did you need a new impetus after a failed autumn?

The last six months have not been good on my part or on the whole team. It probably turned out that we played in the Conference League and we couldn’t combine performing with our league in the cups. It was so all sorts of, unsuccessful. I’m definitely not running from Jablonec, but the offer just came, Mr. Pelta considered it and let me go. The club and the coach wanted me in Lubin. I’m glad it turned out well and I’ll try my foreign engagement. Hopefully it will continue well and I will get along with the team as soon as possible.

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Was it necessary for Jablonec to sell you?

I don’t know if a necessity. But we know what Mr. Pelta is in and probably wanted to get some more money for me. I could leave for free in the summer and I was already considering leaving somewhere after such a long time. When the offer came, I was happy for it.

So the contract extension was no longer in the game?

Not anymore, I considered all the pros and cons. I have been in Jablonec for a really long time and I wanted some change. My contract was over, the negotiations were pretty good.

Did you take this as a last resort to try a foreign engagement?

Sure, it was probably a last resort. I am 31 years old and at that age I don’t go anywhere much abroad. So, of course, I’m glad that Lubin showed interest in me and the negotiations weren’t that long. It closed in fourteen days. I will gain new knowledge and experience. it will be a new challenge. I wonder how it will be.

Will it be easier to get to the League Gunners Club in Lubin? I remind you that you are missing 14 hits.

I don’t want to deal with it either. I know how many goals I have, but I’m not solving this thing. I want to get some peace of mind to find the shooting season I had, I started to prosper again and helped Lubina get higher. We’ll see how we do.

Is it possible that you will attack Tomáš Zajíc in the attack?

Would you stay in Lubin even if you descended?

I do not have a possible descent treated in the contract. But I don’t think we’ll go down and make it. What I had the opportunity to see at the first training, the boys are handy. We have the Legion in the first round, so it will be harder, but I think we can handle it.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Jablonec striker Martin Doležal after the match of the basic group of the European League with Rennes.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Jablonec is also waiting for a rescue fight, while the best shooter Tomáš Čvančara has also left you. Aren’t you worried about Jablonec?

I’m definitely not afraid. I think the boys can handle it. Another forward (Jan Silný) has arrived, so I hope that he will prosper and that he will help the boys, the boys will get up and they will prosper in the league. Mainly to manage the beginning, to get mentally in order and not take the situation so serious, and thus calm down. I think this will help them and that they will definitely go up in the table.

In your opinion, how much did the subsidy case and uncertainty surrounding the owner Miroslav Pelta sign on the team in the autumn?

I wouldn’t say it would affect the team. Rather, we did not manage to combine the two competitions. We were sniffed. It bothered us a lot that we often scored first. We were not so resilient that we could reverse the result. Or when we led, we immediately collected and could not keep the lead or add another goal. From this point of view, it was frustrating and it was already affecting the psyche of us all. And suddenly we could do almost nothing.


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