I am unable to bear this life

Is there a scene worse than a father leaving his family and committing suicide because he feels unable to provide her with a decent life? Moussa was disgusted with life in Lebanon, and thousands like him, so he dared what many did not dare, putting an end to his life, weeping and screaming from the severity of the pain, leaving the family, especially his little girl, his weakness, in the custody of a friend, not in the custody of a criminal state and negligent institutions and helpless.

In front of his house in the town of Deir al-Zahrani, Musa al-Shami Ibn Jarjouh, a young man in his thirties, found a gunshot wound with a military weapon next to it, in light of information that he had committed suicide in connection with the economic crisis and his disgust with destitution.

The “Association of Depositors in Lebanon” indicated that the young man, Musa Al-Shami, committed suicide, leaving an audio message to one of his friends to take care of his children, stating that the reason for the suicide was the living situation in Lebanon and that he could no longer secure the sustenance of his children.

Social media was buzzing with Musa’s message to his friend “Alloush”, in which he speaks in a sad and intermittent voice between crying, pain and choking. the sustenance of his wife and two children.

Musa said to his friend, according to the recorded message, “I did not find anyone other than you to write to. You are the one I know most with a strong heart and understand how to act. I am now in front of the building and I will commit suicide. Calm down and take care of yourself and Doaa, Jawad and Jouri. These are a trust in your neck.”

And he continued: “Forgive me, I have never hurt you, and God is witness, and say to Moses that he loves you a lot, but he is no longer able to bear it. I am tired, forgive me, and let everyone forgive me, and do not let anyone speak ill of me.”

Regarding the details of the incident, the mayor of Jarjoua revealed to An-Nahar that Musa had recently suffered from financial hardship, after he stopped working nearly two months ago, and added: “Musa was working in a restaurant on Nabatiyeh Road, but it was closed due to the economic situation. Musa was also planning to open his own restaurant in Tyre, but circumstances did not allow him to do so, and he remained without work, as misfortunes and difficulties piled up on him, and this led to his suicide.

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