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“I base my plays better than almost anyone on tv.‘ – The Daily Standard

Gallup has been at war, he is of the opinion that all of these topvirologen on tv are wrong. The status quo, afraid this is just not acknowledged. Well-known virologists in the Netherlands to tackle properly, The Dog, because they have to be put down as an amateur. In an interview with the AD, it tells The Dog why he’s on this crusade has been started.

The members of the OMT have to have a hate on for The Dog in the AD, let them know that The Dog will have an open discussion impossible. A remarkable, precisely that they say that, for The Dog, and his criticism of the appointment-an approach from the Netherlands, started out we were just yes-men in the Netherlands. For weeks on end, the one end of the virologist is in order to have a talk show, who told us that the current approach is good for The Dog, however, went against this opinion.

I find it to be so false, that they are free to say so. I’ve got a nice way, I try to get a discussion going. I can foresee in march, is that there are unnecessary people to death would go to health care institutions, through a ventilation system. It is necessary for him, as much as possible, the fresh air from the outside to the inside, and the air that is circulated will have the virus to be harmless will be made, for example, by filtering. High up in politics, I have begged for action or behind-the-scenes with the people of the BOOK to talk about. By Asscher, From the Rhine, through the New. But the answer is: the institute for public health and the S to decide with whom they talk to each other. And they say that my tone is too strong, it is a call to the field!”

The Dog is disappointed that he has so little that is allowed to tell his story to do so. Always, The Dog was a scholar, and his story has been well documented with the necessary sources. And the Dog says that his story is better then the average virologist is in order that his or her story comes on the television.

,,Wait a minute. I am a scientist, I’m sorry to hear. I base my plays better than almost anyone on tv. These calls are often, but whatever. I always do it on the basis of the study. At the end of april, I wrote a blog post about the very, very small chance of infection from outside. According to two new studies, one in Chinese and one American, and other perspectives, for example, the fact that It is not a huge outbreak, so I concluded that there is barely any risk of infection it was. in the Evenings, they showed that, when 1 see it. Jan Kluytmans (physician and biologist, ed.). he sat there at the table, and called it ‘an opinion’. I have completed in social media sites. For a while, if someone just has an opinion he gave, he was the one.”

It’s good to see that The Dog is going in its ‘crusade’ against the current policy. After all, you can benefit from constructive criticism will only be of value, and that The Dog is a story, always try to substantiate the claim. This is all a applausje at this time.

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