I believe Yegor congratulated Nyusha on the birth of a child


Now the admirers of the Nykrishi movement, who dream that Egor Creed and Nyusha are together again, will rejoice. The moving singer congratulated the ex-lover with the birth of her daughter. From the stage Yegor announced that the relationship with the singer is a great stage of his life, and now he would like to wish happiness to Nyusha. The words of the artist, of course, met the applauses.

Recall, the novel by Nyusha and Yegor Creed began when the 24-year-old singer had just arrived in Moscow and was still unknown to anyone. Nyusha, in turn, was already famous throughout the country. In recognition of Creed himself in an interview with Super a few years ago, they broke up because of a disagreement with the singer's parents, who believed that the simple boy could not give her anything. In addition, Nyusha is dedicated to one of Creed's "Samoye" most famous songs. In 2017, the singer married the 38-year-old businessman, Igor Sivov, and yesterday he learned that he had given birth to a daughter.

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