“I can say that you can get ahead”

An accidental blow took Silvia Pizarro to a guard and although an inflammation was interpreted, she insisted on another gynecological consultation and after doing studies they detected a tumor in her breast. Then surgery, chemotherapy followed and although he faltered, the treatment ended. She is a member of the Alma Fuerte Therapeutic Group with whom she organizes an event to raise funds and help other cancer patients to reach the capital of Jujuy for their treatment.

At the age of 52, in San Pedro de Jujuy he could suddenly envision an anomaly, he insisted on the consultations and learned that he had breast cancer and after surgery and treatment he overcame it, with the help of his family and the Alma Fuerte Therapeutic Group.

He was alerted after a blow that was made while cleaning and when he noticed that he was red and feverish, he went to the guard, where they told him it was an inflamed stretch mark. However, she insisted and looked for a gynecologist, had studies, mammography and ultrasound, where she was told that there was a tumor, and with the help of a friend she consulted a mastologist in this capital who indicated a biopsy that determined that it was malignant. .

By then the tumor was already 5.5 cm; Not a month had passed until he reached the specialist who in July 2019 performed a radical mastectomy where 17 lymph nodes were removed, the result of which was that he had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“I had a bad time. It was as if it were a dream what was happening to me because I never really imagined going through this situation in my life. Chemo is something horrible, I was fine for a day and a half and then fainted, it was like being dead while alive , radiotherapy was gentler, “he explained, describing his ordeal. He recalled that in the fourth session he wanted to give up due to the effects but then he insisted until complete.

He explained that this stage of treatment was difficult since he was in phase four, and he was able to finish the treatment and recover thanks to family support. “Thank God I was able to come out with the support of my family, my daughters who are my pillars. I felt very contained by them, by my high school classmates, the teachers. Now I can say that it is possible to get ahead,” he emphasized.

She recovered and is currently working no longer as a teacher in room 3 at the CDI, but as an administrator for the period she had to dedicate to her health. The initial level teachers continue to study at the Institute of Higher Education (IES 9), where they have a third grade subject left and the next one will do the residency to finish.

“I don’t let myself be because many times your head takes you down, sometimes I cry but I think I have to come back to reality because I have my daughters and I want to see them with a good future. I am very grateful to God, he never abandoned me “, he said and recalled that having a positive attitude is key.

He also had to overcome difficult moments during the months of isolation due to the pandemic, along with his older parents and one of his daughters, after the move of his sister and daughter for work. He was able to avoid the virus despite the fact that in April he was traveling for radiotherapy, and despite the fact that his mother and father were infected and isolated in their room, they recovered.

Finally, he recommended that men and women, when in doubt, turn to a specialist, to carry out studies for a good diagnosis because time is very important to be treated.

In Argentina there are 19 thousand annual cases of breast cancer and 5,600 of them die from this disease. In Jujuy, it is the second cancer with the highest incidence after uterine cancer in women.

Strong Soul Group

Silvia also dedicates part of her time to the Alma Fuerte Containment Group, which brings together around twenty cancer patients in San Pedro de Jujuy. They were the ones who, through their reference, Fabiola Mulet, in September 2019 invited her to join in to give her support when going through the same experience. “It is a very beautiful group, they are very fighter women, warriors of life who gave me support when I needed it most,” explained Silvia Pizarro.

In fact, to continue the work of the organization that seeks to guide cancer patients to reach treatment among those who do not have a social work, and the expenses for those who must travel to the capital of Jujuy for treatments. For January 16 they organize a parade at the San Pedro Athletic Club, in which the members of the Alma Fuerte Containment Group will participate among other groups with the aim of raising funds for cancer patients and it will be from 21.


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