"I couldn't do anything": James Middleton again confides in his depression


Growing up in the shadow of an overly mediated sister can be very complicated. James Middleton will not say otherwise. In an interview granted the Telegraph, the little brother of the Duchess of Cambridge is back in his fight against depression, a gnawing disease for years.

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In 2003, when his older sister Kate started dating Prince William at St Andrews University, James was just a teenager. Soon the British tabloids are interested in this young ordinary citizen, whose parents have made their fortune by creating their party accessories company. And if the Middleton family has a taste for notoriety, James, who suffers from dyslexia and an attention disorder, cannot find his place. In 2011, Kate and William get married. "Suddenly, he was judged whether I had succeeded or not," the principal confided to Tatler in June, which sank at the time in the depression. James Middleton continues his confidences this time The Telegraph. To the journalist Bryony Gordon, he says: "I could not do anything. Nor sleep, nor read a book, nor watch a movie, nor eat".

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The unanimous support of Middleton

To pass the test, James Middleton follows almost a year of therapy. "Before we started, I was completely lost," he says. For several months, the young man talks about him, "sitting in an armchair", and gets rid of his dark thoughts with a ball of wool made up of eight different colors. "As for the therapist, he is sitting in front of you with a needle to untangle him." At the same time, James can count on the support of his parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, but also of his sisters Pippa and Kate. Everyone comes to accompany him as soon as he can to his sessions. "All of them. Not necessarily at the same time, but individually and sometimes together. And it was so important because it helped them understand me and understand how my mind worked."

In addition to therapy, James is convinced that his love for his five dogs helped him a lot. "She is Ella and it is those eyes that helped me in the intolerable darkness", she wrote on October 10th in an Instagram post.

It is on this same social network that the only son of Middleton had confirmed, a few days before, his engagement with the French Alizée Thévenet. The best is yet to come.

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