"I decided to go to the morgue and I identified my son": victims of the Kerch massacre

Yegor Perepelkin dreamed of returning to his native Chelyabinsk

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The death toll of the massacre at Kerch Polytechnic College rose to 21. "MK" asked the friends of the students to tell them.

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Yegor Perepelkin.

Yegor Perepelkin was 19 years old. At Kerch Polytechnic College, a young man studied economics. Egor was born and raised in Chelyabinsk and, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, his parents decided to move to the Crimea.

– In Chelyabinsk, they sold all the property, bought a house in Kerch. Egor's mother got a job in the hotel, in the service sector, the father is a communications engineer, – said Stas Trofimov, a dear friend of Egor.

The parents of Egor and the parents of Stas were friends before the birth of the children. When Stas's mother saw the news of the TV college tragedy, he immediately contacted her friend. The parent Egor was all in tears and was about to go to college to look for his son. In the evening, he recalled and recounted the problem – he did not find Egor near the school. On the way back, he decided to go to the morgue and identify his dead son …

For his mother Egor, he was the only son, the father has a son from his first marriage, who lives in Chelyabinsk.

After graduation, Egor dreamed of returning to Chelyabinsk, where he has relatives and childhood friends. The young man did not like life in Kerch – he said it was boring, people were different. He started attending the gym, tried to engage in mixed martial arts. I was looking for a job. This summer for 1.5 months he came to Chelyabinsk, he talked about plans.

"When everyone dreamed of resting at the sea, he dreamed of living in Chelyabinsk," recalls Stas.

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