I didn’t expect such a success, I had nothing to play in anymore, laughs Havlíčková

Czech women’s tennis has another huge talent. Seventeen-year-old Lucie Havlíčková dominated both the junior singles and doubles with Sára Bejlek at the recently concluded French Open. How does she perceive success and what non-traditional problems did she have to solve in Paris?

I have already absorbed the success in some way, but of course the joy is still there. It’s still a great feeling“Havlíčková melted away. At the same time, she had not been very successful at the junior grand slams so far. At the Wimbledon and the Australian Open, she always finished in the first round.”A year ago at Wimbledon, I was nervous, didn’t play my tennis, and gave a disastrous performance. I already started well at the Australian Open, but I couldn’t do it with my head. And there was a terrible heat, too. When everything came together in Paris,“revealed a nice tennis player.

I did not expect such success. I thought I had to play at least one round. But I kept going on and running out of clothes. I had nothing to play in because I didn’t expect it at all. So I had to wash because I thought I’d be home for the semifinals,“laughed the 17-year-old tennis player from Prague’s Sparta.

Havlíčková mastered singles and doubles, which was a huge physical harness for her. “It was really very physically demanding, because I basically played all the matches in three sets. I didn’t make it easy. I tried to regenerate a lot to handle it. And in the end it worked out,“she added.

In the semifinals of singles, Havlíčková eliminated Sára Bejlek, with whom she then won doubles. “Of course, it was a better option for me because I won the semifinals. The doubles was easier for me then. I can’t speak for Sarah, but I don’t think it was entirely pleasant for her. Anyway, I’m very glad she made it and we gave a great performance,“she revealed.

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And what are her next plans? He will now skip the grassy season and focus on clay tournaments. At the same time, he will want to get more involved in women’s competitions. “Now I am preparing for a tournament in Česká Lípa. In addition, as a gift, I received a wild card for the WTA tournament, which will take place in Prague. I want to move slowly into women, but I’m definitely not saying goodbye to juniors yet,“Havlíčková revealed her plans.


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