“I do not follow Donald Trump regularly”


Angela Merkel (CDU) estimates the F.A.Z. So much so that she has subscribed to her twice. This is what the Chancellor revealed on Thursday at the first readers' conference held by F.A.Z. to celebrate her 70th birthday at the Cape Europa in Frankfurt. At least as remarkable: When reading Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer approach the newspaper dialectically: “My husband reads the F.A.Z. always from the previous day, “said the Chancellor in an interview with editor Berthold Kohler. “I read in parallel on the iPad already the next day. The interesting thing is: Everyone finds something interesting. “

Oliver Georgi

With the F.A.Z., the impression had to win again on Thursday in Frankfurt, Angela Merkel combines a long common history – after all, she made in 1999, still as a young secretary general, with her name contribution in the F.A.Z. for the abrupt replacement of the CDU by Helmut Kohl. A day that Merkel has remembered, as she told – also because the time until the editorial deadline was extremely tight. For example, she did not immediately offer her text to the political editors, but to the then head of the Berlin office of F.A.Z., Karl Feldmeyer.

“But he was at lunch, it lasted until 15 o'clock, until he was back,” Merkel said with laughter in the hall. Kohler said that the first information from the capital office about Merkel's text was: “Very interesting, but nothing special.” The reporter had just “simply not expected anything” from her, so Merkel's replica. Kohler: “Mr. Nonnenmacher and I already knew from you at that time that we must expect everything from you”.

No time for conscientious inquiries

A well-disposed Chancellor so in Frankfurt in a humorous conversation also off the F.A.Z. Interesting to report knew – and lightening. For example, that she does not follow US President Donald Trump on Twitter regularly or otherwise – which again caused a chuckle in the hall filled to the last seat. Trump has managed to get all his tweets “treated like press releases” long ago. “Twitter has become an official medium of communication,” said the Chancellor, and then said that in the federal press conference at that time still “a murmur” had gone through the hall, as government spokesman Steffen Seibert had passed to announce information from the Federal Government on Twitter. In general, their media consumption has also shifted in the direction of digital media, reported the chancellor, who receives twice a daily a press review of about 100 pages. Just read page three in the F.A.Z. preferably in paper form.

This is the biggest difference to earlier, Merkel said: The political business has become so fast that many media often do not have enough time for conscientious inquiries and checking a message. “Today, no one asks anymore if it's true, it will be distributed first. And if you as a politician do not immediately deny a hoax, it spreads through the social networks at a speed that you can no longer capture them. “The ever shorter business cycles of topics and the sinking attention span makes the Chancellor as a problem. “Very often, interesting stories play a major role for days, but after that, you have a lot of trouble keeping track of them because the next emotional event is over.”

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