I don’t believe in monogamy

Eleonora Wexler affirmed that she does not believe in monogamy – PH Podemos Hablar 2021_720P HD.mp4

So far in 2021, the only time La Noche de Mirtha Legrand surpassed PH, We Can Talk in the ratings was when the show was hosted by Mirtha Legrand.

This Saturday 25 La Noche de Mirtha, Juana shared the table with the economist and former president of the Central Bank Carlos Melconian , the nutritionist doctor Alberto cormillot who spoke about his paternity at the age of 82, the journalist host of the macrista channel LN + Deborah Plager and the journalist Daniel Malnatti who will comment on the new wave of insecurity due to having suffered a violent robbery recently.

Opposite, Andy Kusnetzoff received the renowned Italian chef Donato De Santis, the actress Eleonora Wexler, the actor Julián soft, the model Sofia “Jujuy” Jiménez and the former Mambrú German “Tripa” Tripel.

Both programs started with low numbers but were able to overcome and improve performance. PH, Podemos Hablar was close to 9 points while Juana Viale barely exceeded 7 at times,

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