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“I don’t compete against Dončič, we compete against others together” – Basketball –

After the previous training, Porziņģis was asked how he assessed his position on the Mavericks team, which he did not need any time to think about: “Obviously, the main thing for me was that I would be in a situation where we are moving towards a goal. When I see progress and when I see that I have the opportunity to meet my goals as a basketball player. And I see that there are several people in the club with the same position and similar ambitions, and it’s nice to see that. Everything else, including the club’s attitude towards us, is a bonus. I see that things are organized in the right way in the Mavericks team, so of course I’m happy to be on this team. “

Porziņģis broke out in the NBA bubble with an average of 30.5 points and 9.5 rebounds. He is one of only six players to score more than 30 points on average in the NBA bubble, and his team-mate Luka Dončič is also on the list, averaging 32 points per game. The filmmaker missed Dallas ‘last game in the regular season tonight and is preparing for the Mavericks’ first-round duel against the Clippers.

“The ringworm is a very important part of our success,” said Donny Nelson, general manager of Mavericks. “Apart from the superstar, the hardest thing in the NBA is to find is a tall skilled player. Porziņģis feels comfortable on the long-range line, and now his game near the basket has risen to the next level. Porziņģis also has a great influence on how we play in defense with his game in defense, block throwing and fighting for rebounds. ”

Due to the Dallas club, it is also emphasized that Porziņģis’ great statistics often lag behind Dončič, but Porziņģis is not particularly worried about this, saying that he enjoys playing with a Slovenian star: “After all, this is a team game. We take the pressure off each other. But we don’t compete with each other, we compete against other teams. “

“It is also important that we understand well outside the field,” Porziņģis continued. “We have similar ambitions and goals, and that is the main thing. We are professionals. I like to play with Luke, and I think that the longer we play together, the more dangerous we become to our opponents. ”

Porziņģis also said that the time spent in the NBA bubble has created even closer ties in the team: “We got to know each other better, moreover, I am not just talking about the team members, but also the coaches and other club staff. Since yes, I am definitely happy to be on the Dallas team, I want to keep playing at this level and rise even higher. I feel ready to go up several more levels, but now I’m looking forward to my first playoff games. “

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