“I don’t feel safe in iCloud.” A technical problem that allows users’ data to be leaked to others

A technical issue has caused iCloud the cloud storage app for Applein the leakage of many user data to others on the application, its content is pictures and videos of people.

They lost all their files on the iCloud application, in return, they found the data of different people on their account in the two applications, so a number of users confirmed that they could access complete data for other users. According to a report published by MacRumors.

Basically iCloud is a service provided by a company Camel For storage, users take advantage of it when they need insufficient internal storage space, from which they keep their photos and videos. Many also use it to keep their files as a backup, away from the risk of losing them for any reason.

The report showed that most of those who were affected were users of the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro phones.

It is noteworthy that some videos on iCloud turned black, which made them unwatchable, when saving and downloading, and in other cases the videos display black lines with the installation of a single image from unknown sources, which may belong to other accounts on the application.

One user says about the holidays, “I was surprised by pictures of other people’s families that I’ve never seen before in my life, football matches, and other random pictures, obviously this is very disturbing and does not make me feel safe using the application.”

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