"I don’t feel the need to be in the news all the time."

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Afternoon falls on the roof of the UMusic Hotel, with views of the Puerta del Sol and its emblematic Tío Pepe sign, when it appears Amaia Romero (Pamplona, ​​1999), hair flying in the wind due to the gust that has risen between the giant ferns and the umbrellas of the urban bungalow located on the seventh floor. She poses in front of the camera not with the air of a diva, but with the naturalness of a 24 year old girl “normal and ordinary”, as he repeats at various points in the interview. “What a disaster, my skirt and top have wrinkled. I hope it doesn’t look too bad,” she justifies herself with a nervous smile.

Away from pomp and pageantry after passing through OT 2017 and Eurovisionin this five years he has published two studio albums, But nothing happens(2019) y When I don’t know who I am (2022). The latter gives its name to the tour that closes on September 23 at the WiZink Center: his first solo concert in front of almost 17,000 people. 17,000 unconditional fans who have not forgotten his voice when the rest of the world seemed to have lost track of him.

Before starting, Amaia asks her manager – her brother, Javier Romero – for a cigarette, and jokes that she wants it to be an interview like the old ones. Like those who did to your idolized Marisol. “I always remember a conversation with Pepa Flores in which she lit a cigarette very slowly and handled the silences with incredible elegance. She didn’t feel the need to speak hastily and blurt out nonsense like I do, like I’m doing right now,” laughs. Maybe she should start playing with silences too, or answering briefly when she is not interested in the question, her team suggests. A good technique, but this will not be the opportunity to put it into practice, we warn you.

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