“I don’t have COVID, I’m healthy”: Lupita D’Alessio clarified versions about her health

The singer reappeared on her Instagram account to clarify that she is fine

After the contagion of his daughter-in-law Charito and speculations about his health, Lupita D’Alessio reappeared on her Instagram account to deny that she is infected with COVID-19.

“God bless you in this new morning … just to tell you that I’m fine,” said the interpreter of Mudanzas in a video uploaded this Sunday morning to her account. Instagram, from where he had been absent for several days.

“I recognize that it was also irresponsible of me to have gone out to dinner because I am no longer a child, I am also responsible for my own actions. Thank God I don’t have COVID, I’m healthy luckily”, He explained.

According to Lupita, she only came out to greet her followers and wish them an excellent start to the week. “And of course I miss you a lot, I hope to see you soon, not at this moment, I am preparing myself in other things, above all, first in seeking the kingdom of God and his justice, but also doing other things. Thank you for your comments, both the bad and the good.

Lupita D’Alessio denied that she has COVID-19 (IG: soylupitaleslessio)

D’Alessio insisted that he only wanted to reappear on the network so that his followers could see and hear and thus tear down the versions about his health.

“We are well and pray for my daughter-in-law Charito and for all those who have this COVID-19. I send you blessings and an excellent start to the week ”.

Six days ago the interpreter had warned her fans that she would not be active on her network.

“Dear friends, I will have to be away for a few days, but I will come back stronger in spirit and in truth, I love you. God is love and may we have a blessed start to the week. Let us always keep praying, God with us. Nice dreams ”, was his message.

Charito was accused of, allegedly, having infected Lupita D'Alessio with COVID (IG: soylupitaleslessio)

Charito was accused of, allegedly, having infected Lupita D’Alessio with COVID (IG: soylupitaleslessio)

However, Lupita was forced to show new account activity on the network after speculation about her health, triggered mainly by the contagion of Charito (Rosario Ruiz).

At first, Ernesto D’Alessio’s wife had not confirmed his infection, but in his Instagram stories he responded to the versions about his health and ruled out that he had infected Lupita.

“I refused to talk about the issue not because I feel sorry for it, much less or because I think it is a bad thing, we are going to get COVID-19 or 90% of the population. I didn’t want to say it because I know perfectly how scandalous they are sometimes, especially since I went on a trip, If I had infected here at home in Monterrey, well I would have told them without any problem but as I traveled I know that the gossip, the noise intensifies, but well, as it is already too much … my mother-in-law has nothing, my children do not have nothing, my husband has nothing, all five were tested and the only positive one was me ”.

Ruiz explained that since Monday she has been isolated in her room and has only had contact with her children through a digital application.

Charito Ruiz and Ernesto D'Alessio traveled to Tulum in the company of eight other people (IG: charitodalessio)

Charito Ruiz and Ernesto D’Alessio traveled to Tulum in the company of eight other people (IG: charitodalessio)

He explained that his first symptom was on Monday and it was a great fatigue, but later they joined fever and headache, so he decided to get tested.

Charito accepted that traveling with other people put her at risk. “I exposed myself while traveling, we are all exposed. Okay, I accept it ”, he commented.

Rosario Ruiz recently traveled to Tulum and of the group of 10 people only two tested positive for COVID-19.

He insisted that Lupita, known in Mexico as the “Sleeping Lioness”, does not have the virus.

“I have to keep myself and thank God that although my husband was on the same trip with me, he did not get infected, although we were together all the time, “he added in his Instagram stories.


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