Last week, the team of the next night television series on Channel 13, Mabel’s tower, resumed his work, and has done it in the middle of a manual safe return to recordings. This was developed by the producer in charge of the project, AGTV, and in more than 80 pages all the care with which each area of ​​the soap opera must work is detailed.

The measures range from moving team members back and forth to their homes to Sanitation and ventilation in the studies every two hours. This, in addition to the use of special suits, masks, sanitizing mats and, of course, taking the necessary tests to know the status of each member of the staff.

In the story that focuses on a woman who loses everything and reinvents herself by settling in a clandestine motel with two new friends. Alvaro Espinoza (Today on the screen every night in the broadcast of “Pacto de sangre”) gives life to “Gaspar Elizondo”, the ex-husband of the protagonist.

Asked about the experience of resuming the recordings, the actor answers that “It has been a pleasure. It is to return a little to life and to meet with colleagues and with the team, people with whom you live half your life. I missed them a lot. “

The praised interpreter of “Benjamín Vial” from “Blood pact”, He confesses that “besides, we are all workers, we all make a living from this, so I feel extremely lucky to be able to resume this job. It’s something that I like and wanted and needed to go back to work ”.

Espinoza reveals that this return, in general for him, “It has been very easy. I feel super safe here, the protocols we have are very good and they allow us to work quite calmly in that sense. I think the complication belongs to each one because after being confined for so long it is impossible not to have some symptoms of anxiety ”.

In that sense, he reveals that “it happened to me that even going out alone in my car locked in the street meant I felt super strange. It’s like the bicycle, I suppose… it takes some getting used to, but it’s a strange feeling. In any case, I am happy recording the television series ”.


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