I had a bad reaction to the vaccine

The actor Luis Brandoni, 81 years old, was hospitalized last Tuesday in Mar del Plata after registering more than 39 degrees of fever. This Wednesday, his Health He improved and was discharged.

When the news spread, many expressed concern and the interpreter called the journalist Juan Etchegoyen to clarify his situation: “They have spread things that are not true. I looked a bit lost and disoriented. I had a bad reaction to the vaccine. They admitted me because there was a danger of a stroke. They just discharged me,” Etchegoyen reproduced on Twitter.

As Brandoni himself explained, it all started on the street when a couple who recognized him, saw that he was wrong and decided to contact the theater manager and friend of the actor, Carlos Rottemberg.


Beto gave himself the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine that caused him discomfort during the day. This fact was also repeated when it was inoculated with the second dose”, said Rottemberg in dialogue with Teleshow.

“He had a temperature and a moment of confusion that led to him being transferred to the hospital where several studies were carried out. They will continue this Wednesday morning and for now we have to wait for the results to see how healthy he is. Of his own free will, he asked to be allowed to go to the hotel tonight and come back very early tomorrow around 8 o’clock to continue with the corresponding studies.”, He explained.

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From the official Twitter account of the Multiteatro they reported that “due to Mr. Luis Brandoni’s physical indisposition” the function of ‘The accompaniment’ on Tuesday, at the Bristol theater in Mar del Plata, was suspended. And they clarified that the tickets were exchanged or returned through the same channels through which they were purchased.


It is not the first time that the health of the actor has been concerned. In February 2021, he was admitted to the Anchorena Sanatorium in Recoleta to undergo studies, after feeling tired and physically exhausted. It was at that moment that after a swab, determined he had COVID, an illness that he was soon able to overcome.

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