«I have 300 million and my own island – I don’t need it»

Zlatan Ibrahimovic also wanted to win with LA Galaxy.

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After a defeat against Houston in October 2018, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is said to have given his teammates at LA Galaxy an impressive stalemate. Among other things, he is said to have even threatened to kill his teammates.

As the British Daily Mail reports, Zlatan Ibrahimovic really burst his collar during his days at LA Galaxy. His teammate at the time, Joao Pedro, reveals that the former Swedish international even threatened with murder and homicide after losing to Houston in October 2018. “The first person to say something to me, I’m going to kill him,” was said to have been his words. Due to the defeat, LA Galaxy closed the MLS season in miserable 13th place.

A real disaster for Ibrahimovic, who apparently hadn’t moved to the US for fun or money. «I have 300 million in my bank account and my own island. But I don’t need that. If you come here to go to the beach or to walk around Hollywood a bit, you only have to say that, »moaned the current AC Milan player, for whom the use of his teammates was obviously far too little.

“It’s my birthday every day”

But apparently he was not to blame for the poor results. “I think I’m the best player in MLS history,” said the notorious Swede. «No joke, everywhere I go I can play like that. I’ve done incredible things. »

The problem was rather that he was on the ball too little. But Ibrahimovic also found the right words in the cabin for this. «It’s my birthday every day. Play the ball to me, »he is said to have said.

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