“I hope Álvaro Uribe can resolve his difficult situation”: Santos

Santos It is not the only one that manifests itself in a similar sense. The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, also on Twitter, wrote: “(…) despite the differences, I recognize the pain caused by his arrest in him [Uribe], in his wife and children Tomás and Jerónimo. My sincere and supportive hug at this time. “

For its part, Senator Gustavo Petro called for respect for judicial decisions, although he clarified that the arrest warrant against Uribe did not make him happy: “I have never been satisfied that a person loses his freedom. I would not be a democrat if the opposite happened to me.”

Juan Manuel Santos was Minister of Defense between July 2006 and May 2009, during the government of Uribe Velez. He ran for the Presidency, with the support of Uribe, and he won the 2010 elections against Antanas Mockus in the second round.

Already in the Government he began to distance himself from Uribe Velez for the peace process. The differences remain, especially after the No won in the plebiscite of 2016 for the agreements with the Farc. Finally, in 2018, the candidate of the Democratic Center, Iván Duque, won the elections.

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