‘I hope the offer doesn’t come to Kim Min-jae’… Naples, nothing can be done |


Naples has no choice but to hope that Kim Min-jae will not receive an attractive offer.

Napoli is concentrating its efforts on catching Kim Min-jae. The rumor of Kim Min-jae’s transfer, which emerged from the middle of the season, is getting hotter as the summer transfer market approaches. It was reported that many big clubs, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Liverpool, were interested in Kim Min-jae, and these news made Naples uneasy.

The reason Napoli is more anxious is because of Kim Min-jae’s buyout. Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause is effective from July 1 to 15, when the summer transfer market opens, and the amount is known to be 45 million euros (approximately 65.6 billion won). Considering Kim Min-jae’s performance this season and the wealth of the English Premier League (EPL) teams that are interested in Kim, the wallets of clubs seem to be easily opened.

Accordingly, Napoli is attempting to delete the buyout clause by renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae. However, it seems that negotiations are not progressing according to Naples’ heart.

Italian media ‘Naples Piu’ quoted an Italian journalist Giovanni Scoto’s report in ‘Il Roma’ and said, “Director Cristiano Giuntoli did everything possible to get Kim Min-jae to extend his contract with Napoli and delete the buyout clause. . Kim Min-jae was offered a higher salary than now. However, the reaction of Kim Min-jae’s agent was negative, and he said he preferred to wait for an offer that could use the buyout clause.”

“Napoli is in a sensitive position. Kim Min-jae can say goodbye to Napoli if he receives a convincing offer from a sports and financial point of view.”

If Kim Min-jae’s side continues to refuse, there is nothing Napoli can do. ‘Naples Piu’ explained that Naples was in a crisis, saying, “Currently, Naples can do nothing except wait for Kim Min-jae to receive an attractive offer.”

It also doesn’t look like it will be easy. A number of local media have reported that Man Utd is preparing financial offers to tempt Kim Min-jae, such as saying that he is preparing to offer Kim Min-jae three times his current annual salary.

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2023-05-16 15:20:00

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