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LOOKING FORWARD: Kristine Stavås Skistad rejected the offer of a place on the recruiting national team this season, and does the job on her own.

BEITOSTØLEN (VG) Kristine Stavås Skistad (22) appeared as a comet at the WC in Seefeld 2019. Since then there has been a lot of adversity.

– The last few seasons have been very tough. I lost myself a little. I was not so functional. It has been good to see that I come back more and more now, says Stavås Skistad to VG after the opening race at Beitostølen.

The 22-year-old from Konnerud was number 55 in the 10 kilometer classic, five minutes behind Therese Johaug. On Sunday, she will start the 10 kilometer freestyle.

But it is as sprinter Stavås Skistad got his breakthrough in the winter of 2018/19. She joined the World Cup squad in the sprint and it looked bright for a long time in Seefeld, but one fall in the semifinals ruined.

Since then, it has been modest in the track from Stavås Skistad, with the exception of a couple of good results in national races.

– What do you mean you lost yourself?

– It’s not good to say. I was just a bad version of myself, says Stavås Skistad.

Håvard Moseby impressed on the men’s side on Saturday:

After the adversity, Stavås Skistad has this season focused outside the national team system. She has Per Ola Gasmann as advisor and Lage Sofienlund and Mads Madsgård in Konnerud around her

– I feel good and enjoy skiing, says Stavås Skistad.

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She has not been much in the media, but lined up in interviews after Saturday’s race and responded in a few words.

– How has the development been outside the national team?

– I work on training and get better with each session.

– Can you say what kind of changes you have made in the training?

– I have made some changes. We’ll see how it works.

– What expectations do you have for yourself this year?

– I do not have high expectations.

– What do you think about the Olympic sprint?

– It’s a nice exercise.

– How did you react to the fact that Friday’s sprint race blew away?

– It was sour, but I do not think it would have been fun to walk in that wind.

Heidi Weng got in trouble:

Per Ola Gasmann, who is also a ski coach at NTG Lillehammer, believes Stavås Skistad is on her way to returning to where she was in the winter of 2018/19.

– I have seen a completely different Kristine this year. She has regained some qualities she had before in terms of speed. And capacity is on the rise. She has trained very well, says Gasmann.

He says that the hope for Stavås Skistad is to show up in the Norwegian Cup at Gålå next weekend, so that she can go to the World Cup at Lillehammer the first weekend in December.

– The body has not responded in recent seasons and she has not gotten what she has been good at, but it is underway now. I am absolutely sure that she will get results this winter, says Gasmann, who asks for patience.

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– She has been really down, and it takes some time to get back to the level she had a couple of years ago. Then we must also develop it.

He is sure that Stavås Skistad’s pace will give results in the sprint.

– She is the fastest I have seen in cross country. I believe that there will be more very good ski runs this winter, says Gasmann.

The newcomer to the men’s team got to ride:

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